El diputado por Valladolid, Eduardo Carazo

  • The PP deputy ensures that Minister Castells "took confinement seriously, as "99 days of state of alarm the Minister of Universities has not had his own agenda in 65 in which the anguish and uncertainty of the university students grew.

  • He denounces the uncertainty that the minister's inaction has generated in students, especially in those who face the least fair and least egalitarian EBAU in history, of those who have experienced the chaos of not knowing what would become of their exams or practices, or not knowing what will happen in the next course.

  • He accuses Castells of "just pass the buck to the universities. "It does not fix any problem because it is hidden in the university autonomy, asserts

  • Stresses that Minister Castells "from the incense of his own propaganda.

  • Notes that "the scholarship decree, which has been made by the Ministry of Education, removes all reference to merit and the new fee regulations will be paid by the Autonomous Communities under the old principle of

    left of the I invite but you pay.

  • It requires the head of Universities to "act, rectify and provide solutions, Or it will end up giving the reason to those who say that it is there to give one more chair to Podemos in the Council of Ministers ”. "The Colau fee is coming out very expensive for Spanish university students," he remarks.

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