La portavoz de Constitucional, y secretaria de Estudios y Programas, Edurne Uriarte

• The GPP Constitutional spokesperson urges the first vice president to assume that “a democracy is accountability” and demands that the Executive stop covering itself after speeches of flight and distraction due to its mismanagement in the crisis: “Give explanations of once, stop running from the truth and face the facts ”

• Calvo reproaches "the authoritarian drift" of the Government throughout the states of alarm, which intends to extend a month: "A democracy is freedom, guaranteed fundamental rights, truth and transparency, and you have not respected or respected them guaranteed"

• He points out that questioning freedom of expression, lying and manipulating or refusing to disclose the names of the experts on lack of confinement -as required by law-, are actions proper to "an authoritarian and undemocratic way" of governing: "In what place Does an advanced democracy place them? Or, even worse, are they satisfied with these authoritarian actions? ”

• “To question freedom of expression is to order the monitoring of social networks to‘ pursue hoaxes that cause disaffection towards the Government ’; control and limit the questions of journalists at press conferences or try to legitimize the limitation of freedom of expression in a CIS survey ”

• “They have lied and manipulated: President Sánchez manipulated an Oxford poll to attribute to the government's management some successes that were not included in it; invented a classification of the Jonhs Hopkings and has not rectified; and sent a manipulated classification to the OECD, which it presumed and that the OECD corrected ”

• "They have repeatedly refused to make public the names of the experts and the reports that are decisively conditioning the life and future of the Spanish in the Autonomous Communities", with excuses and assemblies

• Appeals to the Executive that "has refused outright" to include Public Liberties in the work of the Commission for Reconstruction, as proposed by the PP: "Are you afraid to speak of Freedom? Are your communist government partners, ideologically at odds with Freedom, preventing you?

• Remember that during the Ebola crisis, with two religious killed in Africa and an infected nurse who was healed, Sánchez accused Rajoy of 'misgovernment, disinformation and helplessness': “In the COVID-19 crisis, which you are managing, there are 27,650 deceased, 50,938 infected toilets and the second highest mortality rate in the world; Would you call it misgovernment, helplessness, disinformation?

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