It demands that the Government not only condemn actions such as yesterday in the Parliament, but "break with the Torra party with which it governs in forty municipalities and the Diputación de Barcelona". "What we saw yesterday is not an isolated case, it is part of the ideological line of a party with which Sánchez has agreed"

"To be credible in the defense of the Civil Guard and the constitutional order, Sanchez should break any ties with these gentlemen."

He says that "when the Catalans have a problem they call the Civil Guard and not Torra" for what he describes as "worrying" the fact that the Catalan president "calls a radical part of his followers to public disorder."

On the elections of November 10, he affirms that "if Spain adds, Pedro Sánchez subtracts", so if we manage to bring together voters like in Navarra "it is difficult for Sánchez to continue leading us into the abyss".

"The PP goes out to win and this is possible if we manage to unite the whole vote of those who believe in Spain, in the freedom and in the future of our country around the PP."

He affirms that “if it depends on the PP, if the Spaniards give us strength to unlock the situation and we manage to be decisive, Spain will not go back to elections”.

He explains that "if Spain Suma does not materialize on November 10, the PP will ask the voters to join at the polls what politicians have not been able to unite on a ballot."

Believes that the attempt to launch the platform Basques Suman "It goes in the proper line" and gives as an example the agreement reached between PP, UPN and Citizens under the formula Navarra Sum.

“The doors of the PP are open to those who defend equality and the constitutional project. We have always been a broad party in which everything that is beyond the PSOE has fit. ”

He notes that "Sanchez is the only political leader in Spain and Europe that has failed to move forward with a government" in front of Pablo Casado, who has unlocked governments in municipalities and autonomous communities despite the fact that "it was not easy."

He states that among citizens "despair spreads" when they see that politicians call for disobedience and Sanchez goes to New York, while in our country the purchase of homes and industrial production fall similarly to 2008.

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