It ensures that the contact with Cs is "permanent, as with the constitutionalist parties." "Because we are joined by a need, which is shared with all Spaniards, to unlock this situation," he adds.

"The governments that depend on the PP are not blocked, they have materialized and they have been able to implement tax cuts, increased freedom in all territories and improvements for citizens."

"The next 10N we will choose between the blockade of Pedro Sánchez and the future that the governments of freedom have supposed, such as Juanma Moreno, Isabel Díaz Ayuso or José Luis Martínez-Almeida, in municipalities and autonomous communities."

"The citizens have chosen us to give their best and fix their problems and we believe that the union of the constitutionalists and all those who do not want Sanchez to continue in La Moncloa has to be the tonic of the next days and weeks."

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