Today, in statements to the media during a visit to the SIFU Group in Hospitalet

Dolors Montserrat: "Either we avoid that Sánchez continues in Moncloa, or we will see kilometer lines of unemployed Spaniards again"

  • "The PP will make the necessary reforms so that Spain returns to the path of employment and economic growth ”

The PP spokeswoman in the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrat, said today that "or prevent Pedro Sánchez from continuing in Moncloa, or we will see kilometer lines of unemployed Spaniards again."

During a visit to the facilities of the SIFU Group in Hospitalet and its Special Employment Center next to Llanos de Luna, candidate number 2 to the Congress of Deputies for the province of Barcelona, ​​and Sonia Esplugas, spokesman for the PP in the City Hall of Hosptalet, Dolors Montserrat has assured that to prevent Sánchez from remaining in the government the only option is to vote for the PP in the elections next Sunday.

“We have to unite the vote of the center-right around Pablo Casado and the PP, because we are the only real alternative to throw Sánchez de Moncloa, and throw all his erratic policies into economics. Voting another option other than the PP is a gift for Sánchez, ”he added.

Dolors Montserrat has assured that the PP will make from its next government "the necessary reforms so that Spain returns to the path of growth and job creation."

The popular spokeswoman in the European Parliament has stressed that "Sanchez has not made any reform during this year in the government and we are already seeing different indicators that are negative", such as employment, VAT collection, or the sale of cars.

“It is important that the PP returns to govern, because if the PP governs employment returns, economic growth returns, the best social policy becomes, which is the creation of employment to maintain our pensions, disability policies, and our system of employment. education and health, ”he stressed.

Montserrat has added that the PP is the party that offers tangible results in all these policies and that solves the problems of the Spaniards, and has remembered the achievements of previous popular governments, in which the creation of jobs was increased and also that From 2012 to the motion of censure of Pedro Sanchez of 2018, one million Spaniards with disabilities will work and triple the number of people with disabilities with a job.

For its part, Moon Plains, He has asked Pedro Sánchez to guarantee security during the visit of the Kings to Barcelona and also during the reflection day next Saturday and during the 10-N vote.

"Sanchez cannot give in to this pulse of separatism, it is his obligation and responsibility and we demand that the electoral day be celebrated with all the guarantees of democratic elections," he said.

Llanos de Luna has asked to vote "with responsibility", because "we play the future of Spain," and "that the vote is concentrated in Pablo Casado, which is a guarantee of security, employment and the unity of Spain."

"There are only two options, or Sánchez and the separatists, or constitutionalism with Pablo Casado," he recalled.

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