La vicesecretaria de Sectorial, Elvira Rodríguez, durante el Pleno


· "We are not going to allow the recovery commission to become a vehicle to wash the face of the government."

· He regrets that the PSOE and Podemos are the ones that set the rhythms when this type of commissions are chaired by the opposition.

· "We asked that the commission have electricity and stenographers. Let's hope it is like that".

· "The forecasts are bad and the crisis is extremely deep. We will have to try to go back to pre-crisis levels, but it will not be easy and normality will be different ”.

· Remember that the Government takes measures to protect workers, but "it depends on how you start, the result changes."

· "We must protect the productive fabric, but without cheating. An ERTE crash landing will create serious problems for companies. ”

· He accuses Calviño of keeping silent before "the statements of Podemos". "Yesterday they even asked to change the rules of the ECB so that it directly bought debt in the primary market and to forgive sovereign debt," he adds.

· Remember that “our public finances are going to take a huge blow. If discretionary measures continue to be put in place, Europe will put conditions. "

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