La vicesecretaria de Sectorial, Elvira Rodríguez

"We are going to defend the interests of the residents of the 8,000 town halls, regardless of their political sign, from which 15,000 million euros have been confiscated," he says.

The vice-secretary of Sectorial anticipates that the PP will also request the disapproval of the president of the FEMP, the socialist Abel Caballero, the appearance in the Congress of the Minister of Finance and will present in the TC an appeal of unconstitutionality.

He asks the Government to "clarify with the Budgets" and say if it is going to raise taxes after the contradictory messages from Pedro Sánchez and María Jesús Montero. "The PP is not going to support citizens losing purchasing power due to the mismanagement of the Executive *, it affects.

He remarks that twenty Spanish experts are asking for an external audit on the government's management of the health crisis, information that causes him "embarrassment".

It denounces the "absolute lack of transparency" in the Executive's health management that "has been accompanied by lies and falsehoods in relation to masks, tests, the deceased, and hospitalizations", which "generates distrust and damages our image in the world ”.

He criticizes that Sánchez and Iglesias "play good cop and bad cop with the Head of State" to cover up their mistakes as a government.

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