Elvira Rodríguez en declaraciones desde el Congreso

It regrets that today, September 30, the deadline for the presentation of the General State Budget project to Congress, the Government has not done so

"It is not right to say that the EU's escape clause will allow it to get out of this crisis only with spending and more spending and bypassing parliamentary control," as Minister Montero has said.

It demands that the decisions taken by the Government "do not affect the sustainability of Spain and our economy in the medium and long term"
It highlights that Spain "is at unsustainable levels of public debt that will mortgage future generations." “We know him from previous socialist administrations. These wasting joys lead us to future cuts ”, he assures
The deputy secretary of the PP, Elvira Rodríguez, describes as "institutional lack of respect" that the government wants to evade parliamentary control and does not take the debate on the spending ceiling and the deficit target to Congress and the Senate
Remember that the spending ceiling is the basis for the preparation of budgets and explains that it is necessary to comply with the Spanish budget regulations and with our Stability Law
He argues that it is one thing for the European Union to allow the deficit of 3% to be exceeded through the escape clause and another thing is not to elaborate the spending ceiling that is the basis of the budgets
He qualifies as good news that the Government has announced that it meets the demands of the Popular Party to allow municipalities to use the remainder of previous years by unlocking the spending rule. "All is well that ends well, although there are still questions to be resolved in this matter", he adds

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