Elvira Rodríguez durante la sesión de control


• Reminds the Government that the state of alarm "discretionally and asymmetrically lengthens the confinement of our economy."

• Ensures that the PP "will continue to exercise a constant work of responsible opposition, with knowledge and alternatives and trying to get the government to rectify."

• Stresses that "we cannot run the risk that Spain lags behind other countries in our environment" and highlights the PP project "Activate Spain" that includes "all those aspects that must be implemented in the short term , medium and long term ”.

• The Deputy Secretary of the Popular Party Sector recalls the forecasts of the Governor of the Bank of Spain that include a drop in GDP for this year of between 9% and 12%, and this subject to the success of the measures being taken by the Government.

• Commitment to recover the credibility of Spain and of our economy "that is going to come out very badly from this crisis", with a tax system aimed at creating wealth and employment, eliminating obstacles to opening and creating new businesses; boosting the productivity and competitiveness of our economy; and fiscal consolidation eliminating superfluous expenses.

• Remarks that "the risk now is that the measures taken do not work and the crisis is unnecessarily prolonged, worsening, even, the less optimistic forecasts", and criticizes measures such as quarantine for tourists, changes in criteria that generate legal insecurity; or the announcements of tax increases "without economic logic and deterrents to create attractive environments for international investment."

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