La vicesecretaria de Sectorial, Elvira Rodríguez

He considers that Nadia Calviño's candidacy for the presidency of the Eurogroup "is good news for Spain and for women" and stresses that it is "well known in Europe"

He states that the PP is pleased that there can be two Spaniards presiding over two institutions as important as the Eurogroup and the ECB and ensures that "the PP will not do what others did with the candidates of other parties."

He points out that the economic growth of Spain involves fixing our public accounts and considers it "important" to have a responsible person in Brussels who knows it.

He stresses that "the responsibility of the PP as an opposition is to reveal what it believes the Government is not doing well." "That is not to be unpatriotic but to fulfill our obligation," he says.

He shows his concern for the conception of Podemos of the tax system and recalls that it is a "powerful tool to generate growth and employment" and not only to provide monetary benefits.

Alert that the IMF forecast coincides with that of the Bank of Spain but deepens even more in the forecast of the fall in our GDP.

It advocates "diversifying the economy" and taking measures to improve the quality of employment, betting on education, continuous training for workers and VET.

Given the outbreaks of the virus, he believes that the alternative to confinement involves testing, the widespread use of masks, and controlling airports to "take special care with imported cases."

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