La vicesecretaria de Sectorial, Elvira Rodríguez


· He criticizes that a percentage of the liquidity fund approved in the first decree has not yet been unlocked and that it is key for companies to access financing urgently. "They approve measures that they are later unable to implement," he adds.

· He argues that there have already been six royal decrees in March, the first three most orthodox, and yet they have failed to implement; and the last ones with a change of perspective that introduces "imaginative measures" such as the prohibition of dismissal and paid leave at the expense of companies that have not had anyone's opinion. "It is pure marketing," he emphasizes.

· He assures that "the objective is that this health crisis does not become a major economic and social crisis later" and explains that "for that you have to be effective and prevent the productive sector from disappearing and create more vulnerable people".

· He explains that the last Royal Decree approved on Sunday night, which was not consulted with the PP, is very interventionist and introduces a dispersed mix of measures where it seems that Iglesias introduces some measures and Calviño nuances them with others.

· "We invent imaginative solutions through a legal instrument that is the Royal Decree that when it passes through Congress for validation will have lost its effectiveness."

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