Elvira Rodriguez en La Hora de la 1 de TVE

He assures that the Executive starts from the basis that at the end of December we will all be vaccinated and the pandemic is retracted

  • "It is not transparent, it is full of caveats, it is incomplete and too optimistic," he asserts.
  • He affirms that between this year and the next, the debt in Spain will have a minimum increase of 200,000 million euros, which "places us in an unsustainable situation"
  • "They haven't talked about debt or income, just a spectacular expense as if it were a good thing." "With this it is very difficult for us to get ahead," he says.
  • He anticipates that the EU, "which cares about governance and compliance with the rules, is not going to like the free bar on spending in a structural and non-temporary way"
  • Criticizes that the Executive suspends the entire budget control procedure, eliminates reports and is not going to submit the scenario prior to the PGE for approval in Congress and the Senate
  • "Spain has a very serious growth problem and the Government has not yet told us how it is going to solve it," he says.
  • Remember that the PP proposed an independent agency that could make a serious analysis of the use of European funds to ensure that the projects were generators of wealth
  • “We won't get out of this if we don't grow and create jobs. There comes a time when the social shield has to be paid for and the money does not come out of the trees ", he remarks

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