La vicsecretaria de Sectorial, Elvira Rodríguez

Announces that the PP keeps 62 amendments alive and criticizes the government for not accepting amendments for ideological reasons. "Our only objective is the general interest in the short, medium and long term of the Spanish", stresses

It is committed to a "determined policy of lowering and exempting taxes to help ensure that no company stays on the road."

He explains that the lowering of taxes has been shown to be successful in previous experiences and argues that what is needed in the spending section is "effectiveness and efficiency".

He assures that "it would be a radical mistake to repeal the labor reform that helped create thousands of jobs in the midst of a crisis and that has been a success."

Explains that the PP is committed to "flexicurity" with innovative regulations within collective bargaining, the implementation of the austrian backpack and the development of telework with special attention so that productivity is not lost.

He stresses that there is not a single report from official organizations that does not devote a section to analyzing the consolidation of public accounts and regrets that there is no proposal in that direction in the government document.

It requires the government to present a "credible and consistent" path of fiscal consolidation "informed as soon as possible" and informed by the Airef because "it is necessary to restore reputation and confidence in our economy."

It describes as a bad sign that they do not accept an amendment in this sense because "it is necessary to restore reputation and confidence in our economy."

Calls for the flexibility and extension of the ERTE until December or the beginning of the following season in the case of tourism and its regulation with enough time for companies to make decisions.

"You can't waste the huge amount of money spent on ERTEs for lack of flexibility."

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