La vicesecretaria de Sectorial, Elvira Rodríguez

The vice-secretary of the PP affirms that “the macroeconomic scenario that the Government brings presents us with a disheartening employment panorama”. For this reason, he asks “to work, as the PP did, reversing with a serious reform the terrible trend that came from the 2009 crisis and now the European Commission asks not to be touched”.

He affirms that Budgets is a “more serious and necessary” thing than the Government understands, “it is an economic policy tool that must serve to grow and create employment and is not a currency of exchange or the object of blackmail so that it can Mr. Sánchez remains at the head of the Government. ”

He points out that "having balanced accounts allows you to choose, puts you in a better situation if the cycle changes, and allows you to reduce public debt, which makes you less vulnerable to changes in interest rates."

He warns the Government that "private consumption is poorly combined with the announced tax increases and the limited creation of employment, and the increase in public consumption can only bring us structural problems of spending."

Remember that “the government's macroeconomic plan received a very negative opinion from the European Commission, which in its program concluded that Spain suffers from macroeconomic imbalances with one of the highest unemployment rates in the EU and with a deficit and public debt that do not end of being reduced. "

He reproaches the Government that these budgetary stability objectives "breach the stability law frontally." In addition, he adds that "the one from 2020 is brought late and without saying what the procedure is going to be, and by 2021 it is too early and has the same shortcomings as this year's."

He regrets that before, "the black swan that is walking around the world", the Government is dedicated to other things when "what you have to do is worry about all Spaniards without populism and without demagogy."

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