La Vicesecretaria del Partido Popular, Elvira Rodríguez

"Nothing at all. This is the proof of your intentions. Do not accept anything except if we bow to their proposals without question. For not accepting, they have not accepted three amendments to suppress due to duplication ”

• “The pandemic is being overcome, but the economic situation is getting worse. The Government has remained halfway in the measures "

• He assures that “the government has lacked a decided reduction, exemption, exemption and tax credit. The PP has bet on it from the beginning "

• Regrets that the measures taken have lost part of their impact due to the delay with which they have bequeathed, such as the ERTE

• Stresses that without a good diagnosis, effective solutions cannot be provided

• Demands that the CAP is not the pagan in the negotiation of European funds for recovery

• Is concerned about the situation of third country tariffs on Spanish agri-food products

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