La vicesecretaria de Sectorial, Elvira Rodríguez

• The Deputy Secretary for Sectorial of the PP assures that the Government has the Madrilenians "worried and confused" and denounces their "foolish reaction" after convening an extraordinary Council of Ministers

• Criticizes "the flight forward, the outbreak and disaster of the coalition government" in its management of the health and economic crisis

• Asks Pablo Iglesias to leave and Pedro Sánchez to dismiss him while highlighting the double yardstick of the vice president whose position "splashes us all and only talks about sewers when it comes to his party"

• Denounces the government's "sainete" in the presentation of the macroeconomic picture and the spending ceiling, breaking the budgetary control rules and "without telling us the income figures"

• "The Minister of Finance talks about spending, spending and spending and that is debt, debt and debt" and warns that if the coalition government continues with its policies, we run the risk that "men in black" come to Spain

• Remember that the fiscal policy of a country that is in the monetary union "is the only tool to act on the economy"

• They affirm that the Government "puts the agreement ahead of the papers" and that it has not presented any budget, "only an expense that for them grows 54% and that does not say how it will be financed." "We cannot afford this situation for long," he says.

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