Rueda de prensa de Elvira Rodríguez

He affirms that "the PP is a government party with a focused position and a clear ideology" and criticizes the Executive's attempt to oppose the opposition.

Stresses that "when the PP governs Spain is doing well" and explains that the opposition strategy is not going to be based on "shake the streets" but to exercise it in a "forceful, clear and thinking for the good of all Spanish" .

Stresses that the appointment of Delgado goes against the Statute and that is why the PP will appeal.

He advocates preserving the pension system, which is one of the “great assets” of our country.

Considers it necessary to analyze the “collateral effects” in the creation of employment of measures such as the rise in the Minimum Wage.

Criticizes the irresponsibility with which the Government of Sanchez has acted in fiscal matters and demonstrated in the so-called "social Fridays". "The execution of the Budget has gone back to them," he laments.

He commended the trajectory of Borja Sémper and remembers that he has always defended the ideas of the Popular Party “in a territory that is not easy like the Basque Country” and “will always have a place in the party”.

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