Elvira Rodriguez en La Hora de la 1 de TVE

The Deputy Secretary for Sectorial of the PP, Elvira Rodríguez, describes the absence of the King in Barcelona and the negotiation of the PGE by the Government as a "democratic anomaly"

He denounces that he is "playing with the figure of the head of State" and criticizes the little "transparency" on the part of the Executive to justify the absence of the Monarch in the delivery of judicial dispatches
He assures that the Executive should be "more generous" with the ERTE expanding to other sectors such as the hotel industry, which is suffering with the "stop" tourism, and lengthening them in time, as other countries such as Germany have done
He describes as "very serious" the statements of Vice President Iglesias stating that they want to end the current model of parliamentary monarchy
He criticizes that some announcements of the Executive "go against the flexibility" labor and that causes the loss of employment
It demands a greater involvement of the Government because Public Health is a national problem. "The Executive should not be in profile," he asserts
Remember that Casado has offered agreements to the President of the Government on social, health and economic matters, as well as that the PP has made numerous recommendations to the Reconstruction Commission. "We are offering big deals with little success," he says.

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