La vicesecretaria de Sectorial, Elvira Rodríguez

  • He assures that this happens "inexcusably" for not destroying the productive fabric and that the companies that were subjected to a temporary closure, stopped their business or had minimal activity during the confinement
  • He highlights that "countries with healthy accounts have been able to come out in support of their economies with much greater force and have made the impact of the pandemic less and more temporary"
  • Criticizes the government flagging the tax hike without analyzing what its impact on the economy would be
  • He argues that "Spain needs structural reforms that resolve our differences with the countries around us because things are not done well, the starting asymmetry will be much more accentuated"
  • Underlines the need for a “flexible and agreed labor market, because only in this way will regulation be sustainable over time and provide legal certainty”
  • He pleads for a public sector that "renounces unnecessary expenses and structures, that does not burden companies and entrepreneurs with bureaucracy" and urges the Government to generate confidence, inside and outside our borders, to attract investment
  • He warns that at the end of June in Spain there were 3.86 million unemployed, 2.33 million workers included in an ERTE and 1.47 million self-employed in cessation of activity. "More than 7.5 million people with name and ID", adds
  • He explains that "a country with employment is a stable country, suitable for doing business and investing, and that means that more jobs can be created, which in turn reverts to the maintenance of social benefits"

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