Elvira Rodríguez, durante el Pleno en el Congreso de los Diputados


  1. He considers that "in the face of Sánchez's empty slogans" "the socialist spokesperson showed us her true face and broke the unity against the pandemic intemperately."
  2. He criticizes the lack of social dialogue of the Government with CEOE and CEPYME, "which shows the falsity of their proposals."

  3. He reiterates that the PP is "going to continue working for all Spaniards and exercising control over the Government accordingly a responsible opposition"

  4. Regrets the division of the Government after yesterday's votes in Congress "materially showing their differences."

  5. He calls the Churches' measures "interventionist" and regrets that "they increase spending by taking advantage of the crisis." "It jeopardizes our options for economic recovery when we overcome the health crisis," he says.

  6. He believes that "if public finances are made unsustainable, the private sector, which is the one that generates wealth and employment, will hardly be able to raise its head."

  7. Announces that the PP has presented a proposal to rationalize the structure of the State administration "to lighten its costs and apply the savings obtained to the fight against the pandemic."

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