La vicesecretaria de Sectorial, Elvira Rodríguez


 “Spain is not here to play with things as serious as the labor reform. As the saying goes, in times of tribulations do not make a move.

 Explain that the PSOE agreement with Bildu and Podemos to repeal the labor reform in the midst of a crisis when there are many Spaniards worried about what is to come and many without payment is serious irresponsibility. "This is not what we need."

 Calls for extreme control of the government in Parliament to provide all the necessary explanations. "It is not serious, you have to ask for political responsibilities, you have to talk about it in parliament. This government is not used to accounting for the things it does, "he adds.

 We need a de-escalation model based on "rigorous and integrated studies" that weighs up the health and economic risks.

 He considers that Spain lives “in part from tourism, from the opening of our borders and we have to analyze what happens losing a week, two or three” and highlights that other types of less expensive measures can be taken. "That part of the analysis is missing, Spain is not doing its homework well and that can have serious consequences for our economy," he regrets.

 Denounces that the criteria to pass the phase have to be "objective" and there has to be a "level playing field" for all communities.

 Remember that the PP has supported the State of alarm while it has been necessary, but now there are alternatives. "The explanations they give us are not clear and that is why in the last vote we voted against, we are consistent with what we think," he emphasizes.

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