Elvira Velasco durante su pregunta al ministro de Sanidad en la sesión de control

Holders of his speech:

• The Popular Group Health spokesperson remembers the more than 60 Spanish health professionals who have lost their lives as a result of COVID-19 and the nearly 49,000 infected.

• He denounces that the lack of decision and the late decisions of the Government “have made us today the country in the world with the highest number of infected toilets”.

• Health professionals have encountered a government "that denied the health crisis and that did not act despite the recommendations of the WHO and the ECDC."

• Complaints that the Ministry of Health "does not have clinicians but does have a committee of experts unknown and far from patients."

• "They have failed them with the protection material, acting with malicious negligence: neither PPE nor tests as recommended by the WHO, buy badly and without quality requirements, forcing the health workers to file complaints as a sign of the effects of their management" . • He reproaches Illa with the work guides for health professionals, "which forced them to join up 7 days after having the coronavirus."

• “We arrived at the de-escalation without clear indicators or objective criteria; They demand from the autonomous communities a number of beds and nothing for health professionals or primary care ”.

• "While spending on consultants skyrockets, the toilets without extra COVID pay." • "The health workers need a minister who tells us the truth, who does not lie when he says that the Government does not hide anything, but hides experts and reports."

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