The Vox Deputy in Congress for Cantabria, Emilio Del Valle, has questioned the suitability of the appointment of the new President of the Council for Transparency and Good Government, given the statements that pro-transparency organizations have published.

The Vox Spokesperson has made reference to article 11 of the Statute of the Council of Transparency and Good Governance, that of "independence" to question the appointment of this position linked to the socialist party.

On the other hand, the Deputy for Cantabria has made reference that this person, as the pro-transparency associations collect in different publications «He is a person closely linked to a political party in positions of trust that puts his future independence in question.

For Del Valle, "If these organizations complain about the relationship of this person, they are the PSOE and they are going to question independence and objectivity, in our opinion, it may be a reason to understand that he is not the ideal candidate."

Through the following link, you can see the intervention of our Deputy in the Commission:

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