The Popular Party launches a campaign with a series of post in social networks through which he intends to "invite the Spaniards to reflection to find a point of union and a position of harmony in the face of the tension prevailing in our country."

The issues that will be developed in this campaign connect with the party's program on issues such as employment, economy, health, pensions, security or the environment, to show that the Spanish “is much more what unites us than what divides us "

As the general secretary of the Popular Party anticipated at a press conference last Monday, Teodoro García Egea, the pre-campaign slogan is ‘Por Todo que un Une’, a call for reflection to focus on issues that really matter to all Spaniards beyond extreme positions.

At post Today, the PP reaffirms its commitment to employment, with the slogan “Employee or self-employed? Job".

With this, the PP recalls its proposal to extend the current flat rate for freelancers to twelve months, as well as extend it to those living in rural areas, those over 52, long-term unemployed and vulnerable people as victims of violence of gender and those who accredit a degree of disability greater than 33%.

The objective of these measures is none other than job creation, boosting industry, tourism and the digital transition.

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