El secretario de Justicia e Interior del Partido Popular, Enrique López

• “We have always been willing to negotiate but with perfectly defined conditions. Pablo Casado has been very clear: advance in the depoliticization of the CGPJ, look for profiles of independent judges with a lot of prestige and strengthen the image of independence of the Judiciary ”, insists the secretary of Justice and Interior of the PP

• “The PP is not afraid of independent judges, it feels very comfortable with them. He fears dependent judges who, fortunately, are a tiny minority ”, he asserts

• Affirms that the renewal of the constitutional bodies "is not a change of cards" and that, in a complex moment like this, the parties are there to strengthen the institutions

• It emphasizes that the PP does not want Podemos to be in the negotiation because "it is a radical party that seriously compromises the constitutional order." "Sánchez cannot force us to sit down with a radical party contrary to the Constitution like Podemos to comply with our constitutional obligations," he says

• "We want to negotiate with a party that until a few months was a state party, the PSOE, and with other groups, but with a radical one like Pablo Iglesias' it is very difficult to negotiate institutions when what you want is to colonize them," he says.

• He remarks that "we are not going to consent to lessons from anyone or to be called disloyal by those who trample the Constitution"

• He thinks that "the proposal of Podemos assumed by the PSOE" on the CGPJ goes against the Magna Carta and limits independence, goes in the opposite line of what Europe asks us and is closer to Venezuela and Poland

• Remember that Podemos is a party that is against the constitutional principles and the Head of State, proposes legal frameworks for independence in Catalonia and governments with Bildu and says that arresting ETA is a thing of the past

• "Sánchez said in a fit of sincerity that he couldn't sleep with Podemos in Moncloa, I don't know what happened so now he can do it," he wonders

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