El secretario de Justicia e Interior, Enrique López

  • Regrets that "the Government of Spain is more radical than in the maintenance and defense of the Constitution" and criticizes its "lack of reaction" for the granting of the third degree to imprisoned politicians
  • He criticizes the award of the third degree because "they have not repented and say they will do it again." "The Government, above, gives tone of normality to those third degrees", emphasizes
  • He trusts that the Supreme Court "put things in their place" since the government does not show the "stupefaction" of this decision "
  • Reflect on the "authoritarian tics" of the Government for the use and abuse of the state of alarm, maintain this situation, which is an exceptional right, and, once the state of alarm is over, renounce coordinating the Autonomous Communities
  • Defends the "importance of the Spanish Constitution" and the Popular Party as the party that, from a central position, has best defended and defends the Constitution against the "withdrawal" of the PSOE
  • He argues that the PP is a "state party with government options. The defense of the Constitution is not trivial, and it is not partisan ”
  • He stresses that the "Constitution is not the problem, but the beginning of the solution." "From the hand of the Constitution we have built a great country, multiplied by 5 GDP, has allowed us to have a role in the world and enjoy the most prosperous years in our history," he underlines.
  • The Constitution creates a system comparable to any advanced state, a model decentralization model and a great legal instrument that is based on the great international constitutional texts.
  • Those who question the Magna Carta are those who do not believe in Spain, those who use their votes to govern and the frivolous who want to change the Constitution, but without solid legal bases.
  • Remember that the Constitution is built on 3 axes: 1. The defense of the unity of the Nation. 2. The defense of equality between citizens and 3. The Defense of the Rule of Law. "These three axes are those that endanger those who attack the Constitution"
  • He assures that the Popular Party puts the State before the Government and this to the party "while Sánchez, on the contrary," puts his Government before the State ". "Sánchez has prioritized the Government by making a motion to the State, with its coalition with Podemos," he concludes.

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