El secretario de Justicia e Interior, Enrique López


  • He affirms that the PP is committed to agreeing with the Government an agreement to depoliticize Justice, strengthen its independence and return to the model by which judges are elected by judges, but regrets "that we are on another path: dejudicialize the Catalan conflict."
  • "When a government is responsible and has no ties, the model of the election of judges is important, but when a government has mortgages, the model of election is essential."
  • Remember that it was the PP who asked the Electoral Board to stop Torra from being a deputy and we will continue working so that the Statute is fulfilled and ceases to be president.
  • “If President Sánchez meets Torra, who cannot be president because he has stopped being a deputy, he would be legitimizing someone who cannot exercise that function. It would show that you have contracted a mortgage that you have to pay. ”
  • He reiterates that Dolores Delgado does not respond to the principle of impartiality and criticizes that the Government intends to whiten the coup d'etat of Catalonia by reducing the crime of sedition. "Appointing FGE to a person who has been a minister and deputy is unprecedented," he says.
  • He believes that issues such as the controversial meeting of Minister Ábalos with the Venezuelan Vice President makes it very difficult for the PP to reach agreements with the Government.
  • Considers that the fact that Sanchez places as a priority to reduce the crime of sedition in the Criminal Code, when there have been only two convictions in Spain for this cause, responds that someone is demanding that he do so. "In a democracy, generating impunity to solve a conflict is the most perverse thing we can have."

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