For FES, it is essential to make compatible the different uses of the historical center of the city, both residential and tourist and, of course, economic activity.

In the opinion of the businessmen, it is not the restrictions but the impulse measures that best serve the objective shared by all: to avoid the museumization of the walled enclosure and its progressive abandonment and depopulation.

Therefore, they ask the municipal political groups not to consider business activity as harmful, but rather, and perfectly consistent with the promotion of residential use, since current and future neighbors need these services as well as sanitary, educational equipment , cultural and leisure.

FES agrees with the College of Architects in the need that the document finally approved does not contain ambiguities, that is necessary and provides legal certainty to develop it, with a clear language that avoids future interpretative debates, paralyzes, revisions, etc.

The Federation and its Groups understand that regulation is necessary and support all plans that seek to revitalize this area of ​​the city, avoiding failed models in surrounding cities and betting on not separating the historic center from the rest of the urban core.

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