Equality meets with UN Women after the agency's interest in protection measures for victims of male violence in the context of COVID-19

At the meeting, with 65 participants, both Alia El-Yassir, director of UN Women for the Europe and Central Asia region, and the other participating countries, were interested in the measures adopted by the Ministry of Equality to guarantee attention to victims of gender violence and other forms of violence against women in the context of the crisis generated by COVID-19.

The participants highlighted the measures adopted by the Government of Spain, recognizing them as an international benchmark for the rest of the countries. Especially with regard to the Contingency Plan and the most innovative measures, such as declaring all the prevention and protection services for women victims of male violence essential, instant emotional and psychological assistance through WhatsApp, or guaranteeing a Safe housing alternative for victims of gender violence, sexual exploitation and trafficking for sexual exploitation, through hotel accommodation if reception services are not available.

"We know that in this situation the risk of gender violence increases and in Spain you have a long experience in this work," said Alia ElYassir. For the director of UN Women for the Europe and Central Asia region, "Spain is doing a great job to ensure that essential services continue to function and is promoting a culture of zero tolerance for gender violence. We are with you and we will continue with you "

For her part, Victoria Rosell, Government Delegate Against Gender Violence, thanked the meeting with UN Women from the Europe and Asia region and the fact that the Government of Spain is considered a benchmark at the international level in the fight against Male violence in the midst of a global pandemic. In turn, he highlighted the impact of confinement on victims of gender-based violence, recalling that "this is why it is so important for governments to take measures", such as the Contingency Plan and the rest of the measures and strategies, "to minimize the negative consequences of confinement. "

UN Women for the Europe and Central Asia region and the rest of the countries present have also highlighted the 'Action guide for women who are suffering gender violence in a situation of home stay derived from the state of alarm by COVID-19', recently published by the Ministry of Equality, as a very useful tool that can serve as an example for other countries.

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