The ERC senator Ana María Surra Spadea described today as "nonsense" and "lack of respect for the entire immigrant population and the Spanish population" amendment submitted by VOX – to Motion of ERC-EH Bildu-, where it was requested Enforce Law 4/2000 on the rights and freedoms of foreigners in Spain; ending illegal human trafficking, illegal sales and illegal money, as well as ensuring that our borders are respected; provide sufficient measures to the State Security Forces (FYCSE) to carry out the strict and effective application of the current legislation; and require all administrations to collaborate with the (FYCSE) and to collaborate in the matter.

The VOX senator has denounced, for his part, the call effect and the consequences generated by progressive leftist policies. "They leave those countries because we called them, because in countries where there is no call effect and in which mafias are fought, as has happened in Australia, there are no deaths at sea, there are zero deaths at sea", has explained.

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He has also reproached themselves for "promising things that cannot be fulfilled, playing with the feelings of people, those who suffer, those most in need and promising unrealistic conditions encouraging them to put their lives at risk for the benefit of the left." "The situation is dramatic and tragic for the Spanish and for all those who carry out that trip, who leave their countries, because they are called," defended the senator, who has criticized that they sell that "illegal and uncontrolled immigration brings benefits economic and shelter ».

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González-Robatto has defended the residents of the working-class neighborhoods, who "when they dare to complain about how their neighborhoods are being degraded, you call them racists", which means that the politicians are in "a perspective foreign to the problem."

"Look at the situation in the Canary Islands, in the municipality of Tuineje, it turns out that what has been this summer have been barricades, because the residents of the municipality of Tuineje were opposed to the entry of dozens of infected immigrants into their municipality," he demanded.

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