El portavoz adjunto, David Erguido

He asks the minister that "the communists do not take advantage of this crisis to confiscate assets and cut our freedom"

The deputy spokesman for the Popular Parliamentary Group and senator for Madrid, David Erguido, has demanded that the interior minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, "not fall into a spiral of lies in which he cannot leave." This was the senator's opinion in a question addressed to the Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, during the control session of the Government in the Senate, on whether the Ministry of the Interior is working to avoid opinions contrary to the Executive on social networks for its management in the Covid-19 crisis.

David Erguido reminded the minister that two days ago the Spanish saw a representative of the Security Forces and Bodies read that "they were working to minimize this climate contrary to the management of the crisis by the Government." And he stressed that "what was a lapse seems to have become an order."

"It is urgent that he explain convincingly if the Armed Forces and Security Forces are being used for political purposes, or if they are looking for dissidents in the networks," he indicated.

Likewise, Erguido has taken the opportunity to highlight the work of the Civil Guard and the National Police, "two bodies that you are not going to be able to use and who are guarantors of our Constitution."

Subsequently, the Madrid senator has transmitted his concern to Grande-Marlaska, regarding what he considers “an open secret”, since the Sánchez government reported that they “monitored” social networks and “supervised” the geolocation of mobile phones.

"They are applying the most severe confinement in the world, condemning the Spaniards to a forced confinement in their homes where, like a big brother, they control the information they receive from abroad and impose their official truth," he explained.

REQUESTS THE GOVERNMENT TO END THEIR OWN BULLS At this point in his speech, David Erguido reminded the minister that this Government has sealed the transparency portal, has "twisted" the CIS, "censored" journalists, but they have not could with social networks. In his opinion, "social networks are the true CIS of Spain and the best expression of public opinion."

And it is on social networks, he explained, where citizens share their opinion despite the fact that "technology companies censor their content, while thousands of fake users like the official accounts of the Ministries."

"Is it a hoax to say that it was foolish to call the demonstrations on March 8?" Asked Erguido.

"Bulo is that President Sánchez says that we have done more tests than any other country in the world, or that TVE uses Podemos deputies and councilors as supposed experts in Health to attack communities like Madrid," he stressed.

Thus, the PP senator has addressed Grande-Marlaska to demand that "the communists do not take advantage of this crisis to confiscate goods, eliminate rights and cut our freedom." And before concluding, he has reaffirmed that "the real factory of false news" is in La Moncloa and has asked him to put an end to his own hoaxes.

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