This Tuesday appeared in the Congress of Deputies the spokesperson for the Vox Parliamentary Group in Congress, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros. During his appearance he has valued that the Government Sub-delegation in Guadalajara has denied authorization for the march organized by VOX in Guadalajara for next October 12. A named appointment From flag to flag who wants to tour our capital under the motto "Spain always. In defense of Hispanidad ".

Espinosa de los Monteros has assured that it is “A march that complies with all security measures and intends to walk the streets with the motto Spain always, a fairly inclusive motto. All this reminds us of the march on May 23 when the Supreme Court of Castilla y León and Catalonia prohibited VOX marches that were finally held without, by the way, any regrowth. In that march people went inside the vehicles and there was no regrowth because all the security measures were taken ".

“Today in Spain you can go by metro, train, bus or plane but you cannot celebrate the Hispanic Day march outdoors. It is a real shame ”, the parliamentary spokesperson for VOX has ended.

VOX legal services have appealed to the Castilla-La Mancha Superior Court of Justice and expect to receive a favorable response in the next few hours. The march will circulate from the Plaza de España to the roundabout of the Victims of Terrorism, and will go through the streets of the provincial capital through Calle Mayor and Paseo de Fernández Iparraguirre to the roundabout located at the confluence of Cifuentes and Constitución streets with the Castilla avenue. A manifesto will be read there.

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