The General Affairs Council (CAG) of the European Union, made up of the ministers of European Affairs of the EU States, has adopted in its session today, a recommendation to the Member States (EEMM) to apply a coordinated approach to restrictions on free movement in response to the pandemic. With this recommendation, Europe seeks greater coordination while preserving the principle of mobility between Member States. After confinement, it is the first effective recommendation to standardize information criteria.

For the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, “This agreement is a first step to reactivate international tourism activity because it includes proportionate and predictable measures that allow improving the confidence of travelers. Likewise, it positively values ​​the preference for conducting tests at origin and / or destination as a preferred measure over quarantines ”.

Maroto recalled that Spain has shown in all the debates a greater ambition in defending the free mobility of travelers as a general principle in the EU that allows Europe to once again be a safe travel destination. "We will continue working to achieve this general rule that allows in conditions of sanitary security to recover international tourist flows, a key element to reactivate our tourism sector."

The CAG recommendation includes the application of a regionalized analysis and control measures that will allow limiting the restrictions to what is strictly necessary as a consequence of COVID-19. Additionally, special treatment is included for the specificities of cross-border regions, outermost regions, geographically isolated areas for which Spain has advocated a unique treatment, and the need to cooperate at the local and regional level.

Member States should periodically exchange information on the pandemic situation of each one of them and the status of application of this recommendation approved today, which includes a series of common criteria when controlling the free movement of people due to the effects of the pandemic. Among those criteria are the cumulative COVID-19 case notification rate in the last 14 days, the positivity rate for COVID-19 infection tests performed during the last week, and the number of tests performed per 100,000 inhabitants.

To more clearly identify the areas affected by the pandemic, it is recommended to publish a map of the Member States broken down by region by color (green, orange, red and gray) to facilitate decision-making.

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