Excessive driving hours remain the most frequent infraction among professional drivers

Truck drivers who tested positive for drugs (17) are above those who tested positive for alcohol (11). In the case of bus drivers, none who were tested tested positive for these substances.

With regard to the belt, another of the basic pillars of road safety, 142 truck users, 18 bus users have been denounced for not making use of said safety device.

In the case of speed, 121 drivers were driving at speeds higher than allowed. Of the 121, 118 were truck drivers.

Reports of excessive driving hours have been the most numerous. Specifically, traffic agents have processed 1,976 complaints for infractions related to driving times (1,953 to trucks and 23 to buses) and 493 for issues related to the tachograph (455 trucks and 38 buses) An excess in driving time may generate fatigue and distractions, increasing the risk of suffering or causing an accident.

Complaints imposed for excess weight and poor cargo arrangement amounted to 702, of which 701 went to trucks and 1 to buses.

On the documentation related to the vehicle and the driver, the agents verified that 808 drivers (758 trucks and 50 buses) presented administrative irregularities.

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