Exteriors creates a platform to facilitate the contact of blocked travelers with Spanish residents abroad

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation has just launched an emergency solidarity service to assist Spaniards who are blocked abroad with the aim of facilitating contact between Spanish citizens residing abroad and who wish to offer accommodation to Spanish travelers who have not yet been able to return to Spain and who need a temporary housing solution.

People who want to use this service both to offer and to demand accommodation must fill out a simple form with some basic information (identification, email address, country and population where they offer or demand accommodation), preserving the confidentiality of users. Both offers and requests for accommodation will automatically expire after ten days.

The platform is limited to the exchange of contact between applicants and bidders. Any subsequent communication is restricted to the private sphere.

With the arrivals of the next flights throughout this weekend, there will already be 20,000 Spanish travelers who have been able to return to Spain thanks to the efforts of our Embassies and Consulates around the world. Most returns come from Europe (9,000) and America (7,000) followed by Africa and the Middle East (3,000) and Asia-Pacific (1,000)

Waiting for flights from Argentina and Peru to arrive next week, operations in Ibero-America continue to be registered. The latter have occurred with flights from other countries, mainly from Germany and France, and have allowed 32 travelers to fly back to Spain from France and 25 to Germany from Bolivia. 18 in flight from Germany from Nicaragua; and 11 Spaniards who were in Paraguay and who have returned in flight from Germany.

Today a flight arrives from Morocco with 170 passengers on board (adding Spanish and European citizens) that left early in the afternoon from Casablanca to which we must add 15 other adults and a baby who have left by bus from Tangier, in addition six Spaniards who were in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and who were able to take part in the passage of an Italian plane thanks to the efforts of the Spanish Embassy.


Although there are still 2,400 travelers from the European Union in the Philippines, just over 250 are Spanish, thanks to the efforts of the Spanish Consulate that have already facilitated the departure of a total of 379 Spaniards since last March 15. For those still to leave, all of them have been provided with a letter signed by the Consul General, underscoring the need for foreign travelers to be given free access to all kinds of transportation to reach the international airport.

The situation of many of these travelers, who chose to remain in the Philippines despite repeated recommendations to leave the country, begins to be complicated by the situation of the health infrastructure in certain parts of the country and by the difficulties that some are now facing on their return. to Spain. However, different alternatives are being offered to all of them, both through the airlines and with the operations carried out by other countries, so that their departure is as fast as possible.

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