The offer of Spain to organize in Madrid the 25th Summit of the Parties (COP25) – under the Chilean presidency and in record time – represents a clear example of the country's commitment to climate change. It also represents an unavoidable opportunity for the international projection of Spain as a leading global actor in the fight against what is, today, one of the main threats of Humanity.

This was explained by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, Josep Borrell, during the presentation of the campaign 'Spain: global actor against climate change', carried out this afternoon at the Viana palace in Madrid and in which The Minister for Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, has also been present.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EU and CooperationRibera has said that COP25 "will be a reaffirmation of multilateralism as the best tool to solve a global challenge such as climate change." "Neither the UN nor the international community let the climate agenda decline at a key moment for implementation and action. Spain was there to immediately offer to organize the summit in record time. There is no turning back, governments continue with the multilateral agenda to fight climate change by responsibility with present and future generations, "he said.

Borrell, meanwhile, has underlined the "joint action of the entire Government under the leadership of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition" to take on the "challenge of COP25", and has broken down the main lines of action of Foreign for, "since a public diplomacy perspective "projecting the world" the determined will of Spain to be a global player in the fight against climate warming ", including the organization of COP25" at the most difficult time ".

As he explained, the Secretary of State of Global Spain, belonging to Foreign Affairs and in charge of projecting the country's foreign reputation, has coordinated an international public diplomacy campaign with several essential elements.

On the one hand, as a plot basis, a comprehensive dossier of about 50 pages, in Spanish and English, which collects, in Borrell's words, "the Spanish vision" on climate change, and "emphasizes the need for a just transition that leaves no one behind in the transformation of the productive system, so necessary to face the current climatic emergency. " It also includes the strengths of Spain in terms of investment and renewable energy generation; the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the increasingly broad consensus in Spanish society on the need to act urgently. The Ministry for Ecological Transition and the General Directorates of Sustainable Development Policies and the United Nations have participated in its preparation.

Expected over 80 activities in 60 countries

These ideas will be exposed and debated, on the other hand, in the more than 80 activities prepared by the representations of Spain in more than 60 countries of the 5 continents, many of them in coordination with the embassies of Chile and the local delegations of the UN and the European Union. Presentations to the media, colloquiums, conferences with the participation of the scientific community and educational activities that started last November 19 in Washington and will last until the end of January 2020.

Climate change, denialism and misinformation, to debate at COP25

COP25 Logo (Climate Summit)Ministry for Ecological TransitionIn addition to activities abroad, Spain Global has organized, for next December 11, in the blue zone of the COP25 at IFEMA, the Panel of Experts on Disinformation and Denialism of Climate Change. A colloquium with international experts on climate change, journalism and misinformation, presented and moderated by the Secretary of State of Global Spain, Irene Lozano.

All these actions are supported by a video prepared for the occasion and which hopes to be "the most visible image of this public diplomacy campaign", in addition to graphic material and a social media strategy launched by Spain Global from today and for the duration of the top. The hashtag (tag) used in social networks will be #SpainForClimate, in addition to #TimeForAction, motto of the COP25.

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