In this sense, we must remember that from the CREEX It has been suggested that the obligation of the hourly registration will hinder the competitiveness of the Extremaduran companies, due mainly to its small size. Also, from the most representative organization of the productive fabric of Extremadura, it was also recalled that there are business activities where it is very difficult to comply with this norm.

Among the technical criteria published today, some particularities and exceptions are included for "labor relations of a special nature" and it is recommended that "convenient" also the registration of daily breaks, whether compulsory, agreed or voluntary.

This and other aspects have been addressed today in the day on the time register, which has been held in CEOE and in which the Secretary General of CREEX has participated, and have intervened Yolanda Valdeolivas, Secretary of State for Labor; Angel Allué; General Director of Labor; Agustín González, president of the Commission of Social Dialogue and Employment of CEOE; and Rosa Santos, from the Labor Relations Department of the CEOE.

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