Despite the fact that the increase was mainly due to the good performance of hydroelectric energy as solar energy descended, this last source, which includes thermosolar and photovoltaic, already accounted for more than 50% of Extremaduran demand for energy last year. To this we must add, in addition, the contribution of biomass and biogas, even with little implementation, but with great potential.

As indicated by Javier Peinado, general secretary of the CREEX, this panorama of favorable growth, together with the forecasts made by the counselor in the sense that in the next decade the installed power of solar origin will multiply by eight, up to around 11,000 MW, with associated investments of 8,000 million euros, "They speak for themselves of the importance that this sector can have in Extremadura, if we act decisively and bet decisively on a model that will allow us to replace current generation systems in the medium and long term, provided that it serves as a lever for development industrial".

Hairstyle has explained that the development of renewables would have an impact in Extremadura in terms of employment, development, social impact and technological momentum of enormous relevance. "In terms of employment, due to the demand for labor, both in the construction phase and in the operational phase; in development, not only because of the strong investments and the induced economy that these generate, and more specifically in the industrial development so necessary in our region, in the social because these new plants are installed in rural areas, which will help to fix population in those nuclei now threatened by depopulation, and in development due to the possibility that R + D + i plans will be associated to projects aimed at improving efficiency, which constitutes an opportunity for our technology centers and our qualified personnel, "he said.

The secretary general of the representative organization of the Extremaduran business community has recalled that the use of Extremadura's renewable potential is part of the document '13 Challenges & 100 Solutions'. "There we do not limit ourselves to proclaiming the benefits of this commitment, but we also request a new regulatory framework that favors the implementation of projects, support and accompaniment for investors, a connection between technology centers and companies that generates the necessary synergies and a training system that provides qualified personnel to these new plants, both solar thermal and photovoltaic or biomass energy. "

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