The Secretary General of the Confederación Regional Empresarial Extremeña, CREEX, Francisco Javier Peinado, has highlighted the increase of affiliates to the Social Security in Extremadura during the month of June, which has located in 4,124 more people compared to the month of May, but has warned of the slowdown in the creation of employment, although the decline in unemployment in 1,770 people "is a positive fact".

However, he insisted that the increase in the number of members is good news because they are "people who contribute, contribute and generate productive activity and well-being".

Hairstyle has explained that from the CREEX better figures were expected "Due to the good performance registered in the month of May, so we thought that in June the same pace would be maintained in the creation of jobs."

The general secretary of the CREEX has also referred to the increase in unemployment in agriculture, a fact that "could be due" to the increase in the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI), "although of course it would not be the only cause". In this regard, he recalled that employers have been warning since January that the rise of 23% of the SMI is "harmful and harmful" for the generation of employment.

"The entrepreneurs of the fruit are moving us the difficulties and problems they have to face the costs of labor and low market prices and these companies have to square their numbers and, sometimes, choose to leave the fruit in the trees, "he said.

Despite this, Peinado has reiterated that one should still be prudent when assessing the consequences of this increase because "all the experts suggest that until the end of 2019 a rigorous analysis will not be possible", but added that the data point to "a clear deceleration in the rate of job creation at the national level if we compare it with the same period of 2018."

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