Albero Fabra interviene en el Senado

The PP senator reproaches Iglesias that "he does not assume his responsibilities, and does not manage as Minister of Social Rights"

The senator of the PP for the Valencian Community, Alberto Fabra, has assured today, in the plenary session of the Senate, in the course of an interpellation to the vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, that “Spain does not deserve a vice president who neither governs, nor he manages, neither coordinates nor gives explanations, and how would they say in one of those citizen circles to which you liked to go: Pablo, go away, neither this country nor its people need you ”.

Fabra was referring to this in the GPP's interpellation to Vice President Iglesias, “about whether the Government believes that the situation in Spain, regarding the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), is better or worse than when the current Government ”.

In the same way, the PP senator has addressed Iglesias saying that "he does not assume his responsibilities as vice president of this Government, does not manage as Minister of Social Rights, does not coordinate his policies with other administrations and hides from public opinion when not he likes what they are going to ask him ”.


Throughout his speech, Alberto Fabra has been reeling off the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN and has addressed Iglesias to ask about their compliance in our own country. Thus, referring to the first of them, ‘The end of poverty’, Fabra asked Iglesias if he is aware of the number of people in our country living in poverty.

"Spain ranks as the 7th country out of the 27 EU countries with the highest poverty and exclusion rate (26.1%), with the EU average being 21.8%. The child poverty rate is the second highest in the entire EU with 26.8%, only ahead of Romania, ”said Fabra.

Regarding the second of them, 'Zero Hunger', the PP senator has reminded Pablo Iglesias that, during the months he has been vice president, some of the headlines that have appeared in the media speak of: 'Kilometric queues in food banks'; "There are people who cry because of the shame of asking for food"; or "the food bank will remain open during August due to the increase in demand."

In reference to the third of the objectives, ‘Health and well-being’, Fabra has asked the vice president “if he believes that the government has managed the pandemic well; and if you are satisfied with how you are handling your responsibilities as Minister of Social Rights during the pandemic.

"You have nothing to say about the fact that Spain has been the country in Europe with the highest excess mortality from the coronavirus?" He asked Pablo Iglesias again.

The fourth of the Sustainable Development objectives speaks of 'Quality Education', and Alberto Fabra has asked Pablo Iglesias if he is aware of the lack of control that the Educational Community is suffering at the beginning of the year, of the anguish and concern that is being generated in parents, teachers and students in the return to school.

Fifth, the SDGs speak of 'Gender Equality' and at this point Fabra has reminded Iglesias of episodes such as the phone card stolen from his advisor, Dina Bousselham, in which it seems that he had recorded some vulgar, indecent comments and inappropriate for a journalist: "I would whip her until she bled …", said Fabra.


In the sixth point, the objectives of the ODS speak of ‘Clean water and sanitation’ and Fabra has ensured that the vice president moves with more ease through cloudy waters than through crystalline waters; "Especially because of the accusation of three of his top collaborators and the party itself as a legal person for illegal financing."

"This country does not deserve a vice president who hides to not give explanations before the imputation of his party for irregular financing", has added emphatically.

Thus, Alberto Fabra has continued to list the Sustainable Development Goals marked on the UN agenda, and has been highlighting the terrible performance of Iglesias as Vice President of the Government in other matters such as energy, employment, inequalities, industry and innovation o transparency, among others.

Finally, Alberto Fabra, has stopped at the last of the Sustainable Development Goals, number 17 that talks about ‘Alliance to achieve goals’. Thus, the Valencian senator has asked Iglesias “who is going to want to reach an agreement with this Government”, if in the short time they have been in office, they have fought with the municipalities; they have ignored the Autonomous Communities during the toughest months of the pandemic, and then transferred all responsibility to them; they have despised the productive sectors of this country; to the Spanish Universities; And let's not say at the international level, where nobody trusts us: among other reasons, because you are in the Government ”.

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