Fadela Mohatar

Rate the City Budgets of 2020 as a 'Save who can' and denounce a great 'opacity' in accounts such as those of the District Council, “an administration parallel to the Ministry of Social Welfare and Economy, which also absorbs competencies , through winding and stealing them to different areas of the tripartite government; All this is the result of the great enigma. We don't have a government program, nor do we know it. ”

Referring to the last plenary session, he recalls that “the Speaker of the Popular Group requested, for the umpteenth time, the Government program, in order to be able to keep track of where we are, what we want, what we are going to raise or what we are going to do to resolve the main problems of Melilla ”. "There, someone gave us some clue, and it was none other than Mr. Mustafa Aberchan when he said that each parliamentary group has its own electoral program."

In this regard, Fadela Mohatar says that “that is precisely what they are doing within the areas with the competencies of their government departments. There is no unity of action or clear objectives. And that is worrying and discouraging for a city with many needs and with a pressing economic asphyxiation that is propitiating Morocco and to which neither the local government nor the government delegation reacts. ”

“The budgets of ál save who can’ have an absolutely clear exponent of the previous claims about the District Council that have been invented; that within its area it has nothing less than the competences in matters of minors, family, youth, elders, citizen participation, technological area, attention to citizens, labor insertion. ”And all this, Mohatar added,“ without being able to explain how and how these millionaire items are going to be put into practice ”.

And the economy area – asked the deputy – that ‘only has 40,000 euros for economic revitalization, is another example of that. That is to say, an area without any content and without investment capacity in such a determining area for the present and future of the city. "We are waiting for the commission of this council to meet to explain to us what role the socialist party plays with this counseling within the government."

In short, "27 days waiting for a written response on the question of the Popular Group to explain to the public what is the government's program and a proposal for budgets, the most important document of the year, without direction, direction or transparency" . “A great example of the worrying situation that the tripartite that promised to be that of change is leading us to. Of the change, yes, but to the situation of abyss and confrontation between the parties that conform it ”.

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