It affects that it is not necessary to choose between the communities and Spain, because we are the same

The president of PPdeG, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, vindicated in the Inter-Parliamentary Union of the Popular Party the useful policy that is being made from many Communities that hold the State responsibly to the instability and inaction of the central Government: “A policy with principles, which solves problems, that does not create social fractures, that one and serve its people ”. As it affected, Spain has a solution with an alternative management to that of the Pedro Sánchez Executive and with a functioning government that demonstrates that what the country is experiencing is not irremediable.

Thus, against those who want to delegitimize the constitutional autonomous state, he highlighted the role of politicians who succeed in their decisions, who defend general interests, who lower taxes, who boast social services and whose main objective is not break their communities.


As he said, it is compatible to love a Community and at the same time Spain, you can love Spain in Galician and Galicia in Spanish, claim the land of one without belittling the other Spaniards or claiming the Spanish nation without falling into contempt for those who serve the nation from one of its parts; and that it is also possible to govern for all from a thought without imposing it and being loyal to the Constitution and the Statutes of Autonomy.

For all this, he said that stability can be given to the entire nation also from the Communities: "Today the guarantee of stability we have to exercise it to the ordinary representatives of Spain in the communities of the PP". And he stressed that it is not necessary to choose because we are the same, "a nation of citizens who do not live in 17 watertight compartments, but in 17 autonomous communities, in more than 50 provinces and in more than 8,000 municipalities."


During his speech, the president of the PPdeG regretted that the only socialist executive that he proves to have is an electoral program, but not a government one; party, but is not able to form a government; candidate, but not president; and electoral calculations, but no word. Feijóo, who also highlighted the failure of these two legislatures, highlighted the work of the presidents of autonomous communities that, in less months, have shown more balance than Pedro Sánchez.

The leader of the PPdeG also referred to the anti-Spain pact signed yesterday by the independentistas: “The problem is not that they meet, but the real problem is that they are the government partners in all the autonomous communities with the PSOE "

To conclude, the president insisted on transforming the reluctance before a new appointment with the ballot boxes wanting to change Spain and do things well. In this sense, he pointed out that the day after the elections may be another day to continue listening to Torra declaring independence, Pedro Sánchez's rallies from Moncloa and continuing to deepen the instability and inaction of the Government or that it is the day of a president that a Spain, that prioritizes the problems and that concretes the solutions.

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