The popular leader affirms that in Castilla y León “we have fulfilled the objective of having a million employed”

The President of the Popular Party of Castilla y León and of the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, has bet today, in the XXIV Popular Interparliamentary Union, which has been held in Alicante, for useful autonomism based on three primary objectives: the demographic challenge, more employment and quality assurance of social services.

Fernández Mañueco recalled the latest data from the EPA and said that “in Castilla y León we have met one of the objectives we had and that it was to have a million employees in our Community. We also believe that a competitive economy generates the right conditions to create employment. Therefore, since 2018 we have maintained a sustained growth of 3%. The challenge now is to create employment and especially new jobs, which expand the range of production and are characterized by stability, short term and young employment. We aspire to full employment. ”

The popular leader indicated that in Castilla y León it is governed from what really matters, “that is why people want to make sense the basis of our policies and our decisions. To talk about what really matters in Castilla y León is to talk about the demographic challenge, ”he said and recalled that“ for us it is a priority, but it is also an opportunity. Laying the foundations for the arrival of 4G to all municipalities, the promotion of the rural economy or the guarantee of public services, are our best recipes. Where there are opportunities there is population. ”

Finally, the president of the popular Castilian and Leonese said that another of the great pillars in the Government of the Community are social policies. “Castilla y León is a reference for Spain in something that makes us very proud: we have the best education, the best social services and care for dependents. In addition, we are the third highest rated in health in Spain. Well, this is precisely the challenge. Maintain this level and of course improve it, ”he concluded.

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