• The popular leader warns him that “if he comes to our Community, let him be informed and don't know what Tudanca tells him, because he doesn't know or find out”

The President of the Popular Party of Castilla y León and the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, said today, in the Intermunicipal of the party that was held in Burgos, that “Pedro Sánchez cannot come to this land to request a Welfare State strong, because we already have it. And, moreover, we have a health, dependency, educational and social services system, one of the best in Spain ”.

The popular leader has assured that the president of the socialists cannot come to say “that we are going to close health centers in the villages because it is false. And with lies and falsehoods no votes are obtained, what he gets is to make a fool of himself, ”and he added that“ if he comes to Castilla y León, let him be informed, and don't know what Tudanca tells him, because he doesn't even know he learns. And ignorance is very daring. ”

Fernández Mañueco said that what the Popular Party is facing is “a Pedro Sánchez without ideas, without a political project, anchored in the past, who will raise taxes to fulfill his electoral promises that are a toast to the sun; where their economic proposals are rejected by the European institutions because they are not adequate and realistic ”.

"Pedro Sánchez is unable to recognize the evidence of the economic data that forces us to make urgent decisions about our economy so that we do not fall into a situation that affects Spanish families," said the popular president, who asked the socialist leader "to be transparent with economic data, do not try to cheat the loner and hide the economic situation because, after 2008, ignore the progress of the economy we all pay.

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