The President of the Popular Party of Castilla y León and the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, said today that “the Popular Party has been the winner of the general elections in Castilla y León. We have had an increase in percentage of votes and absolute votes and we are satisfied with this result. ”

The leader of the popular has analyzed the results pointing out that “we have increased three more seats, 41,000 votes and five percentage points. Support for the Popular Party in Castilla y León has been important. In six months we have turned the situation around. ”

Regarding the Senate, Fernández Mañueco said that “although there is still a percentage of vote to be scrutinized, the Popular Party has once again become the most voted political force. We have obtained 23 senators against the second political force, which has been the Socialist Party with 13 senators. ”

“We make a very important contribution of both deputies to Congress and senators to the Popular Group in the Senate. We are one of the main groups of parliamentarians and if we add the deputies and senators there is no other territorial organization of the Party that has had this number of national parliamentarians, ”said the popular president.

Finally, Fernández Mañueco affirmed that “we are very satisfied with the results obtained and very grateful for the confidence that the women and men of Castilla y León have placed in us and that once again they turn us into a reference party in our Community".

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