The national deputies of VOX for Almería, Rocío de Meer and Carlos Fernández-Roca, have registered a series of questions for which they request a written response from the Government regarding the youth hostel in the capital.

This hostel belonging to the public company Inturjoven, of the Ministry of Employment, Training and Autonomous Work, has in order to serve as youth tourist accommodation and residence for university students. It is one of the best rated and has more than 200 seats.

The Junta de Andalucía plans to start adapting the shelter for use as a temporary reception center for immigrants arriving in the province by boat, in which the Covid-19 tests can be carried out and the infected can be quarantined there.

The VOX deputy for Almería, Carlos Fernández-Roca, assures that "The migratory avalanche is generating a diversion of public resources from their normal purposes, with all the problems that this entails."

Fernández-Roca asks the Government for explanations and also from VOX they want to know how it is going to face this problem and with what resources, since "The situation in the province of Almería is unsustainable due to the massive arrival of illegal immigration, with all the insecurity and health problems that it entails."

In this context, VOX asks the following questions:

1.- Was the Government aware of this change in the use of the Youth Hostel?

2.- What resources has the Government provided to face this situation in the province of Almería? 1.- Was the Government aware of this change in the use of the Youth Hostel?

3.- Is the government going to provide an alternative solution to take care of illegal immigrants?

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