Holders of their statements before the media:

“On November 10, less than three weeks before, in fact just over two weeks, we face a new election date, the fourth in four years. The fourth of a general nature. In our electoral system, citizens elect the Legislative Power, our representatives in the General Courts, who, in turn, those who are part of the Congress of Deputies, will choose the one to configure the next Government of the nation for all ”, Affirms the PP candidate for Melilla to the Congress of Deputies.

He announces that "the electoral campaign itself begins on November 2 and will last for a week, until the 8th day included, leaving 9 for the day of reflection and 10 to physically exercise the right to vote" .

“Since less than 6 months ago we had our last meeting with the polls nationwide, specifically on April 28, the programs and proposals of the different political formations are known by the population or, at least, they have been presented abundantly through different means. Certainly some things have changed since that election day and today we have more information than we had 6 months ago, especially as a result of the attitudes shown by the different political actors throughout the failed investiture sessions, and as a consequence of the evolution of our national reality since then, ”he says.

Fernando Gutiérrez, indicates that "despite not yet finding ourselves in the electoral campaign, the political formations, which cannot formally request the vote of the citizens, subtly slide their electoral messages of different depths either directly or through the always active social networks" .

On the other hand, he adds, “many citizens have already begun to exercise their right to vote by mail and Pedro Navarro Street in our city is a good example of this. I have not been there, but according to friends of mine who live in the area, there is a feverish activity in recent days in the vicinity of the Post Office located on that street.

According to Fernando Gutiérrez, "it means that although the day of reflection appears in the electoral calendar dated on the above November 2, it is better for each and every one of us to devote ourselves to thorough and rigorous reflection." "We play a lot. Spain must leave the situation of political blockade in which it finds itself and must do so in the most effective and solid way possible"

He warns that “both by what the polls that handle different media say and by our historical electoral experience, two clearly differentiated alternatives are offered to the Spaniards and some more that move in the ideological and political proximity of these two majorities. In addition to these, they are also presented to citizens, some of a minority ideological nature or some others of a localist nature that advocate committing themselves to the national collective project as long as it directly and primarily benefits their local project and disregards the collective project otherwise or even hinder it. ”

Stresses, that “the Popular Party is clearly positioned on the side of those who do not disregard the collective project of the Spaniards but, on the contrary, want to serve as a channel for finding solutions and answers to the real problems that the Spanish have, regardless of the ideological orientation of citizens experiencing the aforementioned problems. In line with what our Statute of Autonomy says, the Popular Party supports its political action from Melilla in the framework of solidarity between all the territories of Spain ”. "For the Popular Party, the substantial ideology consists in being at the service of all and responding to everyone's expectations because it understands that the good that politicians administer belongs equally to all Spaniards and all Spaniards have the right to be attended to in their claims. and concerns that must be adequately analyzed and submitted for consideration"

“We are at the antipodes of ideological dogmatism and of the preconceived conception of society as well as of unique thinking. We believe substantially in the freedom of the Spaniards to choose their life projects as a substantial way to build the collective project we serve. ”

"During these recent dates, we have been holding sectoral meetings with representatives of different social groups and citizens. We will continue to do so until and after the election campaign, in order to continue to detect the real concerns and problems of citizens and bring them to our parliamentary activity. These meetings are proving considerably enriching and we thank all the participants in the meeting for the constructive spirit with which they face them.”He explained.

The European Union has told our Government that the preliminary draft budget sent threatens to deviate significantly from the path of deficit reduction for our country. Minister Montero affirms that this is due to the lack of a stable Government. In the Popular Party we do not share this analysis and unfortunately the recent history of Spain is stubborn in this regard. The interventionist and strongly ideologized economic policy of the Socialist Party has repeatedly led us to these situations of deficit increase and deviation from the objectives, which places us repeatedly in a precarious situation.

The data of the Active Population Survey presented today show negative quarterly data for the second time, which breaks the firm trend of reduction of unemployment registered during the Government of the Popular Party since 2012.

"Melilla is experiencing specific circumstances that are especially negative in this section of job destruction that are subject to daily analysis by political forces and citizens"

"However, the future is not written and we write each and every one of us with our actions or omissions permanently," he emphasizes.

Fernando Gutiérrez, believes that “When exercising our right to vote it is necessary to reflect deeply on what it should serve and what is the model of society to which we want our society to be directed at the national level and the impact that this can produce in our most immediate field , that of our city"

As regards the Congress of Deputies, he wanted to express what we 'consider urgent', “to return to said Institution, essential for the operation of the Nation, the rigor and respect they deserve, unfortunately occasionally questioned by any of the representatives elected by the citizens who, in general terms, do not deserve to see the chamber in which the resolutions of the problems they experience, subject to the over-actions, sometimes circus of some of the Deputies must be substantiated ”.

"Respect for the dignity of citizens inevitably passes through respect for their Institutions. From today and as it has always been in democracy, the future is in our hands and depends on us”He sentenced.

Send a 'message of support and solidarity' to the State Security Forces and Bodies operating in Catalonia, defending the interests, freedom and heritage of all, against unreasonableness and barbarism, as well as to the families of the Police officers who have been injured, who "from the PP wish them a speedy recovery."

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