According to the data in the report ‘Sustainability: what it is and how it affects the shopping habits of the shopper’, published by AECOC Shopperview, 82% of consumers prefer to include sustainable brand products in their shopping cart. This relationship between companies and sustainability will be one of the axes of the 2nd Congress of Sustainable Development, which the Federation of Food and Beverage Industries (FIAB) and the Association of Manufacturers and Distributors (AECOC) will hold next March 3 at the Novotel Madrid Center

The Congress will bring together the CEO of Coca Cola European Partners Iberia, Francesc Cosano, the CEO of McDonald's Spain, John Alves, the CEO of CAPSA Food, José Armando Tellado, and the CEO of Nomen Foods, Enric Batlle, to analyze the strategies of these leading sustainability companies.

During the CEO table, the leaders will explain how they respond to the growing demand of consumers for more sustainable brands and will explain how the sustainability and compliance with the SDGs has become, not just a mandatory requirement to satisfy their buyers, but a pillar in their corporate strategies to maintain their competitiveness.

The congress program will also feature the participation of leading distribution companies. The director of health, sustainability and quality of Grupo Eroski, Alejandro Martínez, and the director of the Alimerka Foundation, Antonio Blanco, will talk about the actions that both groups have developed to promote a more sustainable value chain and implement a model of green retailing In their establishments.

Climate change, health and food

The event will also discuss the role of the agri-food chain in promoting a sustainable model, capable of reducing global warming. The director of public health and environmental and social determinants of health of the World Health Organization (WHO), María Neira, will explain what challenges the sector faces to be able to feed a constantly growing population by reducing its emissions and maintaining health and quality standards.

For his part, the president of the Advanced Leadership Foundation, Juan Verde, will present his experience as a consultant to world leaders such as Barack Obama, Al Gore or Hillary Clinton, to show which formulas lead the change and, at the same time, make sustainability A competitive advantage

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