The Spanish Federation of Food and Beverage Industries, FIAB, and the Association of Food Industries of Aragon, AIAA, have signed a cooperation agreement with the objective of strengthening the industrial fabric of the food and beverage sector in the Aragonese community and promote the competitiveness of the industry at national and regional level through joint initiatives.

The AIAA is a founding member of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Aragon (CEOE Aragón), in which it represents the food industry of Aragon, which it also does in other public and private organizations of this Autonomous Community.

With the signing of this Agreement, the two corporations undertake to work together to ensure and defend common interests through informative and training programs in the Aragon Community itself, aimed at members of the sector, as well as citizens and public administrations in the field of knowledge.

In addition, the two entities will exchange information on legislative and regulatory matters. Similarly, they will work synergistically to develop projects that defend the interests of the industry.

Mauricio García de Quevedo, general director of FIAB, said: "The collaboration between FIAB and AIAA will help improve the position and knowledge of the food and beverage industry in Aragon."

The AIAA manager, José Ignacio Domingo Regidor, also wanted to express his satisfaction at the signing of the agreement: "This agreement will allow greater coordination of actions with the objective of promoting the development of Aragonese food and beverage companies."

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