"This is going to be the equality legislature, as the Government as a whole believes," said Campo at the inauguration of the 1st Meeting of Jurist Women at the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation, referring to the Integral Organic Law of Sexual Freedom "that puts us at the head of Europe in the fight for Equality and against gender violence".

Campo has defended the contribution of the Ministry of Justice to the development of Proposed Draft Law approved Tuesday at the Council of Ministers, collaborating to form a text "not only adequate, but better and more ambitious". The minister explained that as "ministry of legislation", Justice has, among its functions, correct and improve legislative projects, so that the laws that leave the Government "are as perfect as possible".

The head of Justice has pointed out some of the relevant aspects of this Law that supposes "an advance for the sexual freedom of women". The text recognizes the relevance, severity and breadth of sexual violence within the framework of our society and deepens the prevention, awareness and detection of this form of violence. From the criminal point of view, the norm places the focus on consent and establishes a system of "progressive and proportional, dissuasive and effective" penalties that responds to the different circumstances that may arise in the aggression. The minister has concluded that it is a law of a Government "that is recognized and defined as a feminist and is very proud to work for equality."

In relation to this matter, Campo has listed some of the advances that have taken place in these years in Europe thanks to the implementation of public gender policies, including legislative measures, concrete comprehensive policies promoted by the States for the year of the rights recognized in the different norms, as well as programs focused on the behavior of legal operators. It is, he said, that they act with a gender perspective "in a real commitment to equality." The minister has also requested a commitment to clarify the legal language to eliminate "inequality gaps" and avoid deepening sexism.

Campo has lamented the lack of representation of women in different levels of society. "It is not a historical coincidence, but a structural characteristic of a system that disqualifies women for public space." An inequality that is also reflected in the Justice sector, where the lack of women in positions of responsibility is still noticeable, he recalled.

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